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The content is divided into six categories: Pilgrimage and Relics, Romanesque, Reconquistà, Chansons de Geste or Legends of the Road, Monasticism and the Apocalypse. Articles can be accessed under their individual menus or under the Main menu. For a continuous unsorted presentation of material in reverse chronological go to Posts.

Currently featured are over one hundred  and twenty-five illustrated articles related to the Pilgrimage and Romanesque sculpture of the Compostelan Way, more than forty-five original videos and more than five hundred still images.

The Joining of Heaven and Earth is trying to strike a perhaps uneasy balance, between being an artistic venture on the one hand and a hopefully useful art historical resource on the other. It takes an impressionistic approach to the way the imagery of Romanesque and the idea of Pilgrimage might have been considered contemporaneously.

The video material falls into two categories: Romanesque Sculpture Sites and the Pilgrimage Road. Stylistically they are presented in seperate ways. Several of the sculpture films have accompanying voice over commentary. The pilgrimage road films are shot in a deliberately impressionistic style. The films are embedded in the relevant articles but can also be viewed in the Video menu.

The Joining of Heaven and Earth uses the blogging tool WordPress  which for a site such as this has its disadvantages and advantages. The main disadvantage is that by their nature blogging tools are intended for a diary format. Since this site has no diary aspect whatsoever this creates certain navigational issues which we have attempted to overcome as best we can. The advantage however is the ease with which material can be added and revised. As this project is very much a work in progess and with many more items due to be added, this is a useful feature.


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