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Midway between Bourges and Déols, pilgrims reached the crossing of the river Arnon.

On the other side of the river they were cared for by the Benedictine monks of the priory of Saint Michel in the small hamlet of Charost.

From the eleventh century  Charost was protected by a fortified castle which stood just beyond the town walls which were entered by three gates.

The priory of Saint Michel de Charost was a dependency of the abbey of Notre-Dame d’Issoudun. The massive church, still standing today is evidence of the large monastic community which existed during the twelfth century, unusual for so modest a locality, a fact which is attested to by a papal bull of 1154 in which Pope Adrian II mentions the priory by name.

The striking reddish appearance of the church is due to the use of limestone containing ferrous oxide. From the south side the church is entered by a door above  which a tympanum is carved depicting Christ in Majesty and the Tetramorph, typical of  the romanesque period.

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