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My background is filmmaking and that is the direction from which I have come to this project. A desire to present those images from the time when the Pilgrim’s Guide was written, in the mid twelfth century without any mediation and so preserve their full symbolic and mysterious value encountered a more rational, logical part of my nature which desired to research and explain what those images represented.

I have supplemented my own research by the courses I have attended in London at the Courtauld Institute, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Highgate Scientific and Literary Institute.

My ability to read French has given me access to the copious academic work in that language published in the Cahiers de Civilisation Médiévale, Cahiers de Saint Michel de Cuxa and others.

Nevertheless, I bring all the disadvantages of the autodidact to this project, as well, hopefully, as some of the advantages.

Georges Meisner


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  1. Hey there–I love your blog and I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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