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  1. The relics of many saints were revealed by various signs
  2. The cult of the saints and the feudal order: There are those who pray
  3. We venerate the saints in their bodies or better in their relics
  4. Comets in the sky appeared and countless went in pilgrimage
  5. The Pilgrim’s Guide: There are four roads which converge at Puente la Reina to form a single road leading to Santiago
  6. Pilgrimage Roads – Of the route of Saint James
  7. Cluny abbey and the Pilgrimage to Santiago: This book was written in various places, that is to say, in Rome, in the lands of Jerusalem, in France, in Italy, in Germany, in Frisia and mainly in Cluny.
  8. The Legend of the Last Roman Emperor and the Prophecies of Daniel on the Pilgrimage Roads to Compostela
  9. The Pilgrimage Roads: Of the Route of Saint James
  10. The Compostelan Saints


  1. The Scallop Shell: It is not without reason that the pilgrims returning from the threshold of Saint James bear shells
  2. Codex Calixtinus: I have sent this book about Blessed James unto your fatherly care
  3. Matamoros: God has made me a soldier and a contender and sent me to fight for the Christians against the Saracens and to gain victory for them
  4. Compostela and the fullfilment of the Mission of the Apostles: The End of the World
  5. Saint James: To the peoples of Spain and the western places, at the world’s edge
  6. Saint James and Charlemagne: Observing the starry way in the heavens through Spain to Gallicia, wherein till his time lay undiscovered the body of St. James
  7. Santiago: His most holy remains were translated from Jerusalem to Spain and deposited in its uttermost region, they are revered with the most devout veneration by the people of those parts
  8. Whosoever is truly penitent, and is from faraway shores, and has sought to request with all his heart forgiveness from the Lord and help from Saint James in Galicia, without doubt will have the slate of his sins wiped clean in eternity.
  9. The relics of Saint James: It is enclosed in a marble casket
  10. The Scallop Shell: The Road to Emmaus
  11. Towers of the West: Torres de Oeste
  12. Santiago de Compostela: The Building of the Romanesque Cathedral
  13. Santiago de Compostela: The North Portal
  14. Santiago de Compostela: The Puerta de las Plateriás
  15. Santiago de Compostela: The Tympanum of the Instruments of the Passion
  16. Santiago de Compostela: The Transfiguration
  17. Santiago de Compostela: The Tympanum of the Temptation


  1. Via Turonensis – Still another cuts through Saint-Martin of Tours, Saint-Hilaire of Poitiers, Saint-Jean-d’Angely, Saint-Eutrope of Saintes and the city of Bordeaux.
  2. The sarcophagus in which his most sacred remains rest in a place adjoining the city of Tours
  3. Melle
  4. Parthenay-le-Vieux
  5. Parthenay-le-Vieux: The Romanesque Rider
  6. Bordeaux: Saint Severinus
  7. Belin
  8. Saint Romain de Blaye
  9. Blaye
  10. Saint Etienne de Tauriac
  11. Bordeaux: Saint-Seurin


  1. Via Tolosana – One crosses Saint-Gilles, Montpellier, Toulouse, and the pass of Somport
  2. First of all, those who go to Santiago by way of Saint-Gilles must visit in Arles the remains of the Blessed Trophimus the confessor
  3. In no cemetery anywhere, except in this one, can one find so many and so large marble tombs set upon the ground
  4. The Saints of Provence: Arriving from the region of Jerusalem, they went by sea as far as the country of Provence
  5. Sainte Marthe de Tarascon: Between Arles and Avignon by the banks of the Rhône there roamed a beast in that place whose breath exhaled a pestilential mist.
  6. Saint Gilles-du-Gard: After the Prophets and the Apostles, nobody among the other saints is more worthy
  7. Les Saintes Maries de la Mer: In the Province of Narbonne, where the Rhône reaches the sea are the Islands of Sticados more commonly known at the Camargue. It is there on the shore of the sea that one finds the first of all churches of the continent
  8. Saint-Pierre de Maguelone
  9. Montpellier: Notre Dame des Tables
  10. Béziers: With the rest of the gold and silver that he brought from Spain he constructed another church of Saint James in the city of Beziers
  11. Saint Guilhem le Désert
  12. Saint Pons de Thomières
  13. Saint Pierre de Rhèdes
  14. Oloron-Sainte-Marie: At the foot of the mountain on the Gascon side
  15. Thereafter, having cleared the pass of the Somport, one finds the country of Aragon
  16. The River Rhône
  17. Saint Gabriel
  18. Saint Trophimus
  19. Saint Caesarius
  20. Saint Honoratus
  21. The tombs of the paladins at the Alyscans


  1. Via Podensis – Another goes through Notre-Dame of Le Puy, Sainte-Foy of Conques and Saint-Pierre of Moissac
  2. Bishop Godescalc departed from Aquitaine to offer prayers
  3. Conques: Long ago the holy martyr’s body was secretly carried away from the city of Agen and brought to Conques by two monks
  4. Conques: Even the Deep Recesses of Erebus Lie Open as She Leads Souls from the Underworld
  5. Aubrac: Notre-Dame-des-Pauvres


  1. Via Lemivocensis – Thereupon, on the route that through Saint-Leonard stretches towards Santiago, the most worthy remains of the Blessed Mary Magdalene must first of all be rightly worshipped by the pilgrims.
  2. How the relics of blessed Mary Magdalene came to the French town of Vézelay ought to be commented on briefly
  3. The cult of Mary Magdalene: Thereupon, on the route that through Saint-Leonard stretches towards Santiago, the most worthy remains of the Blessed Mary Magdalene must first of all be rightly worshipped by the pilgrims
  4. Saint Révérien
  5. Nevers
  6. La Charité-sur-Loire
  7. Bourges
  8. Charost
  9. Déols
  10. Neuvy-Saint-Sépulchre
  11. Gargilesse
  12. La Souterraine
  13. Bénévent l’Abbaye
  14. One must likewise visit the sacred remains of the Blessed Leonard the Confessor who was born into a most noble Frankish family and renounced the wicked world for the love of the supreme Numen.
  15. Saint Martial de Limoges
  16. Saint Front-de-Périgeux: After the Blessed Leonard, one must visit in the city of Perigueux the remains of the Blessed Fronto, bishop and confessor who was ordained as bishop in Rome by Peter


  1. Aragonese Camino
  2. Santa Cruz de la Seros
  3. San Juan de la Peña
  4. Santa Maria de Eunate
  5. Santa Cruz de la Seros: The door of heaven opens when he opens this one
  6. Jaca: Having climbed over the summit
  7. Jaca: Behold the Lion of Judah


  1. There are four roads which, leading to Santiago, converge to form a single road at Puente la Reina, in Spanish territory
  2. Estella: The fourth days’ journey from Estella to Najera is to be made, to be sure on horseback
  3. Sangüesa
  4. Santo Domingo de Silos
  5. Frómista San Martín: The sixth proceeds from Burgos to Frómista
  6. In the City of Leon there are to be venerated the relics of the blessed Isidore, who permeated the Hispanic nation with his doctrines and decorated the holy church with the flower of his writing
  7. The names of those who restored the road
  8. Of the day’s journey on the Apostle’s road
  9. Of the names of towns on this road
  10. Pilgrims are given a stone to carry with them
  11. From the mountains of the Pyrenees to the city of Najéra
  12. After this valley lies the land of the Navarrese
  13. Villamayor de Monjardín
  14. Sahagún: The Miracle of the Lances
  15. Roncevaux
  16. Roncevaux: Face with these legions the whole of Spain trembled


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